Sunday, July 8, 2007

Finally we're back!

Geeeez, Mom has totally stolen our laptop since the last time we posted. I think she needs one of her own, she's been working on some new business. She said we'd beny-fit from it, but I don't care! I like instant joy, not long term stuff. Oh yea, this is Sam.

So anyway, it's Sunday and Mom left us for like four hours earlier. In the fourth hour we started planning our revenge, but then she showed up with surprises! We got new retro-looking beds!! The square ones need more stuffing and Mom said she'd fix them this week. Here we are modeling them...

First here's Tucker looking pathetic with his new duck. (it's raining out so he's too worried about impending doom to pose)
Dot-Spot was pretty happy...
Who is Bear kidding?!? His watermelon head doesn't even fit into Dot & I's new girlie couch bed. It might has well have a sign on it that says "Hot Diva Girls Only".
We fit though! (and look smashing I might say!)

Hope everypup and Girl Girl had a great weekend! -Samantha

PS Wally, my Mom said to tell you my toots smell like fish and thanks a lot.


wally said...

Cool new beds! And room for two dogs--if they had short legs (hint hint!).

Oh that's great to hear that you've been using the fish snacks as they were intended--as air fresheners! My ma ape calls those my stink bombs. I leave them regularly.


Peanut said...

those are some nice beds. Glad you kicked bear out of yours.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Neat beds! Where did your mom get them? My mom and dad have been looking for new beds for us, but they can't find any at the stores that they like. Mom is about to order them off the internet, I think.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Cool new beds. Mom won't buy us beds because Roxie ripped up all of our other ones. Now we just have sheepskin rugs in our crates and in jail. Poor us.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Maggie said...

New beds are always a good thing and they're pretty too!

Love ya lots,

The Brat Pack said...

Thanks everyone!

Kat - Mom got the beds at Costco, the square ones were $18 something and the couch one was $22. They had a few different patterns.


Anonymous said...

Ok Sam, those beds are awesome. I especially love you laying in your chair in the last photo!!!

Dory and Liza said...

Samantha -

Those are fantastic looking beds - I am tremendously jealous!!!

Oh and cut Bear some slack - it's hard livin' large in Labrador fur!!

Have a fantastic week!!

Love Dory

Gus said...

Neat beds. But you guys just lounge on them right? I mean, don't you all sleep with your mom? I made that a priority as soon as I got 'dopted. It worked. I love the big bed.

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Sam,
Those new beds look wonderful. And Dot Spot is really very pleased with it huh?
Poor Tucker! He looks really sad. My Mom said your Mom could try using the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.
Just a couple of drops on the tongue or in the water bowl works. Mom says she has been using this on me since I came home and I am a pretty calm girl. I think. *eyes darting about nervously* hehe. :)I will be doing a review of this soon on my bloggie.

ROSSI said...

oh ..simply love that last pose you had there..Sam. Great bed.. great Sam..

Golden Rossi

Huskee Boy said...

Those beds are cool!! Poor Bear, he does try hard though!!

Lee :) said...

Great beds! My bed is in the living room (from LL Bean) but the one in the kennel got taken out because I ripped it up one time. WHOOPSIE. I prefer sleeping with the humans anyway.

Jasmine said...

the bed looks really cool!
it sure feels cool too - Sam sure looks relaxed in that bed...

Actually, Dot looks quite good modelling for the beds...

IndyPindy said...

Oooh, cool new beds! I had a GREAT weekend! It was REALLY hot here, but my mom made me homemade biscuits, come look!

Ricky Pepper said...

ooooh new beds, how neat! I need to get momma over to that Costco so she can get some for us too!


Balboa & Mommy said...

Not only are those beds stylish but they look oh so comfy.

Enjoy lounging around on the beds.

Frenchie Snorts

Tadpole said...

Cool beds! Too bad we are not allowed to have them (we like to shred and eat them, and Fig just pooped out a bunch of stuffing this morning, and that made my girl even MORE determined not to get us anything like that....) You especially, Sam, look absolutely stunning lounging on your new bed!

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
Your beds look really comfy! All of you like to sleep on those beds??
I had one when I came to live with my mom but I never used it! I prefer mom's bed!
Have a nice day

Holly said...

Thank goodness my humans let me use the giant "human" couch as my own.

That one does look very comfy though!


Pugsley, Buster & Cricket said...

Wow,we be lovin' the new beds. You all look so comfy.

xoxoPugsley, Buster and Cricket

Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

Those beds are awesome! Samantha looks very comfy...

Texas's Mum said...

Cool bed's I think
it's time my hoomans
got me a new bed.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Lady Kaos said...

I soooooo want a bed like Dot and Sam!!!