Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Review: AvoDerm Natural Kookies

Hiya! Dot here to give you a real-life review of these new treats Mom bought us.


$3.59 per 20 oz bag

How this translates for us:

There are 35 whole bones in the bag (and some broken stuff we won't count) divided by 5 so that's 7 treat times. Using all of our paws we figured out that's about .10 a treat. Are you impressed at our math skills??? (we didn't count tax, we're just dogs, not mathematicians)

Actually, these were free cause Mom is trying out their food and they had a coupon for a free bag of Kookies.


The bag is nice but it's looking suspiciously like health food.

They smell....
Mom thinks they smelled like sawdust but we were pretty excited about them so two paws up for smell.

The taste test...
While these pictures might look the same to the untrained eye, we each have our own special way of savoring the treat and letting the flavors explore our tongues. That's right, we're serious tasters. (my picture is blurry because I like to hurry to taste it)

The decision...
Two paws up! Even Thrawn liked them and he isn't much for crunchy treats. Tucker liked his so much he took it to the living room and savored it in little bites.

Will we ever get them again when the free promotion is over? Sometimes she's cheap so you never know. Maybe some of you other doggies can get some thought. :)
-Going to beg for another....Dot


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Dot...
What an excellent review! Those cookies look yummy...but than anything to me looks yummy. Did the cookies make Sam drunk??? She looks a little drunk - LOL

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Dot,
Hmm..those biscuits look BIG..well at least to me. I can't believe you still got one even though your Mom put you on a diet!!

Kerrio said...

We are VERY impressed.

You dogs can count more than "one, two, many, lots"

How do you do that?

Snogs from the dogs

Kerrio & co

Maggie said...

I love the look on Samantha's face! She looks like she could care less about the whole thing! haha

Love ya lots,

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Excellent pix - especially Tucker at the end.


wally said...

Mmmmm...tasty snacks! I love the pictures of you each eating, in particular SAM. Your eyes roll back blissfully just like me!


ps. How is your pancreas Sam? Do you have to eat pancreas food?

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh wow, I love treats! Just looking at you all eating them makes my mouth water! I better go make sad eyes at Mom and get some treats of my own!


PS. Two paws up for Sam and Thrawn for pooping in the house during the rain. I might have to try that!

Ferndoggle said...

Oh my sweet Dot...you take treats just like me. Quickly!

That's the most beautiful picture of you I've ever seen!


Peanut said...

ah well I hope you get some more. They don't seem expensive to me but then all the stuff I want my mom tells me we can't afford.

The Husky in the Window said...

You'all had some good crunchy treats. But Dot, did you savour the flavor and enjoy it? You fast when it comes to cookies. My Mom wants to know if you'all have tried their dry food. I got sick from some other brands and she never heard of this. (Well, here in Louisiana we are limited on what they well.) But maybe we can find it online. And you guys seem to have sensitive stomachs too. We'll have to give it a try.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Friends.
You did a good review about your new treats!
I like the pictures of all of you having your treat!!
Looks like Dot NEEDED her treat!
Have a nice day

Tadpole said...

How deliciously YUMMY! But I have a question: did it make Sam's pancreas angry? I hope not, because that means it might not make mine upset either and that means I can try them too!

PiratesGrrl said...

Hi Guys

My pancreas is ok so far. I have to eat the special Pancreas food, but I get to have a few treats too. Mom says just a few. Blah blah. This one didn't make my Pancreas angry so that's good.


PS Mom just bought some of their food so we haven't tried it yet. We'll let you know! I can't have it, but the three boys get to.

Balboa said...

I think Sam's delirious from being stuck inside all day with that horrible rain outside.

Frenchie Snorts

Sasha said...

Ooh, I have to send the humans out for these. I want to try them!

The Daily Echo said...

Oh we love these treats! They get 2 paws up from us.