Sunday, May 20, 2007

A walk down Memory Lane

Hi, it's Tucker.

Back in the old days Mom used to scrapbook. Now she just collects scrapbook supplies. She was going through some of her old books today and found a few pics so thought I'd post. Sorry for the cruddy quality, these are pretty retro, they aren't digital. (it's just coincidental that most of these are me)

Here's a great old pic of Thrawn and I from 1999. This was right after Mom found him, he's really skinny and his fur is really black, huh? Plus, his tail is UP. It's never up anymore.

I totally forgot about this! Dakota and I were scary ghosts for Halloween 2000. Thrawn was a psycho looking clown.

I hope Mom can find a digital of this - here's my cowboy outfit. I looked pretty cool but you can't really tell much here.

Geez, there's a lot of Husky pictures here. This is his July 4th, 2002 outfit.

OH - I also found these around the house. This pic is in a magnetic frame on the fridge, it's from Halloween 2004 when I was dressed as Donald Duck.

Last but not least, this is me the day I was adopted. I looked worried, huh? Mom says I look the same now when I'm worried - just not as fluffy.

Toodles - Doodle Bug


Luckie the Dachie said...

Those piktures sure look very retro with that grainy looking quality. You guys look cute dressing up!! I wonder what your Mom has in mind for this halloween!

Maggie said...

Poor Tucker!
I can't believe your mom had the nerve to dress you up like Donald Duck! Are you scarred for life? hehehehehe

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

Those are nice pictures. Do you like dressing up for halloween?

Ruby Bleu said... Mom collects scrapbook supplies too, but I've never once see her do anything with them...ha, ha, ha!!

Those are some great photos...but I have to agree with Maggie...what was your Mom thinking dressing you up like Donald Duck!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Ferndoggle said...

We love looking at old pictures like that! Mom doesn't have too many of Sherman & I because she didn't have a very good camera back then. We're glad she takes lots & lots of pics of us now!


wally said...

Whew--I feel tired after that stroll down memory lane! I love looking at old pictures though I'm really unsure how I just get younger and handsomer with time!


Tadpole said...

Awww Tucker!!! That last picture of you is PRICELESS! You are so SO cute!

You guys sure have lots of outfits, don't you?! You do look pretty cool in your cowboy outfit!

Lorenza said...

Those old pictures are great. A lot of memories, right? I like all your customes. Get dressed is something that you like?
Have a nice day

Lady Kaos said...

Those are some really cute pictures Tucker.

Billy said...

Great pictures! Mom also scrapbooks, well on occasion, she has a collection but she seems to never have time for herself.

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

maggie said...

thats sooooo cool !!!

Holly said...

Very cool pics! You can sure tell the change in Thrawn's coloring. He was so much darker back then. But still just as handsome! I love the puppy pic in the Pooh frame, it's so adorable!!


Bella said...

great pics from memory lane

Duke & Gidget said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing your walk down memory lane with us.

Jody said...

I can't believe it was '99 when you found Thrawn, it doesn't seem like 8 years. (friggin cute psycho clown he makes tho). I love the Doodle pup pic. Again, it doesn't seem that long ago. I remember their first days so well. time flies.