Friday, May 4, 2007


Sam here. Mom came home GRUMPY today. She's been spending days trying to figure out what to feed us and finally decided so she had hunted down where to buy the Evangers canned food and the Evo dry. There's not a lot of places around her that have it in stock. Soooo...she drives the 25 minutes to this store she's never heard of and is pretty excited cause they have all the food she wanted to get for us plus some other goodies. Her whole cart is loaded up and she was ready to drop some major bones (that's dollars for you humans) when she went around the corner to the back of the store.

There's a whole wall of little puppies in glass boxes, Boxers, Pugs, JRTs, Labs, Schnauzers, you name it with BIG price tags of $499 to almost a thousand bones. She got up close to the little Pug puppy that reminded her EXACTLY of Suki and saw that he had gunk coming out of his eyes and nose. The store manager was standing there so she asked him where he got his puppies from but he wouldn't tell her except to say "a reputable local breeder". She told him that the Pug puppy was sick and needed help and he kept insisting he was fine and that he comes with a vet visit and a 30 day guarantee. I guess she kept getting angrier (she has a little temper sometimes) and he kept getting meaner until she told him what he could do with her basket full of stuff. She never was able to get close enough to the other puppies to see if they were sick but she's making phone calls and writing letters to important people to let them know what's going on in there.

We're sad for these dogs and we're sad for us cause we didn't get all our new food. Mom's going to find a reputable place to get us everything we need tomorrow so that's ok. Hopefully someone will help those pups too.

Hope everydog out there is doing ok. We have a busy weekend planned around here so maybe our blog won't be so boring anymore. :)

Kisses - Samantha


Aunt Jan said...

That doesn't sound good...what bad store was it? Should we make calls too??? Tell me who to call and I'll do it first thing in the morning! I hope you got something to eat! Maybe some ice cream treat or goldfish!!!!What are you doing all weekend? Hope your mom is not planning to give you all a BATH!!!

Ferndoggle said...

You go Maryann!!!

Ack, that boils my blood. These stores have got to go! In a local petstore in Pittsburgh, you can buy a Lab for $600 and a puggle for $1300. Huh??? Reputable breeder my butt! No Reputable breeder would give their litter to a pet store to place!

You ROCK & we're proud to know you! We are very sad for those puppies too. If we were closer we'd bring over a big batch of chicken stew for the Pack!

Have a great weekend!

Jen & The Dogs

Suki said...

OH NO! A sick pug puppy?!? No, no, no...that makes me so sad :( Good for your mommy for sticking up for those puppies' and for not buying the food. I'm sorry you guys didn't get your food, but trust me, it was for the best!

Is there anything we can do to help? I know we don't live in Texas, but if there's a # to call and complain, my mom is really good at lying- er, I mean, pretending - to get important stuff done! Heehee.

Puggy kisses

Peanut said...

That is awful. Good for your mom for doing something. My mom won't buy anything at stores that sell puppies or kittens either. It's awful.

Billy said...

I can't believe this. It's not the first place and unfortunately it won't be the last place. I feel for all those little doggies. They deserve so much better in life. They didn't ask to be put here. It makes me so angry and so very sad.

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Is there anything we can do at this end??

Stoodleville said...

Do what you gotta do!! Our mom won't get food from places that sell animals since she once wandered into one that the attendent shut the door on a puppy's foot and there was another puppy there, a miniature pinscher that had bugs so badly that they were crawling around under his skin. Poor little guys. That was almost 20 years ago and she still remembers his face.

The Humane Society did step in though.

Ruby Bleu said...

GRRRRRR - that makes me and my Mom said too! No food and sad puppies. Not good. We are so lucky to have such loving Moms who take good care of us.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Dachsies Rule said...

How awful for those puppies! We know you wanted food but, if the manager can see he is losing business because he sells dogs and cats, maybe that will stop one more puppy mill. Mom applauds your mom for speaking up and following up. We hope those puppies get taken away and then end up in good homes.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Lisa said...

I don't know about dogs, but some stores like Petsmart work with shelters and have adoption centers that are run by reputable shelters and rescue groups. I volunteer for one and take care of the cats one night a week as well as do adoptions one night a week. We keep a close watch on the cats and if any of them show a sign of illness we treat them there (more common, minor illnesses) or we take them to the vet and pull them back to the shelter if needed. It's awful thinking of those poor sick animals not getting the love and treatment they deserve and being sold like that. I bristle when I hear someone ask when we "sell" our cats. We get an adoption fee, but there is no "sale". I hope you get some action out of your calls and letters, Maryann!

Avery said...

Grrrr indeed. You're mom sure sounds like she gave that awful store manager a piece of her mind. Good for her!! Seeing as we live in the DFW area, is there anything my Mom and Dad can do too?

Speaking of the DFW area and busy weekends...did you know that tomorrow (Sunday) they are turning the Cotton Bowl field into a Dog Bowl for the day? I am super excited about it! Maybe you can convince your Mom and Dad to go.


Huskee Boy said...

I am so poud of what your mom did!! She actually went all the way there and left without buying anything!! I think she absolutely did the right thing (although you guys had to go without your food).. we should not support businesses that have unethical practices towards animals. I feel soo sorry for those pups... Let us know how it goes ok?

Energypaws said...

Good for your Mom! Speaking up is a brave bold thing to do... I don't know where you are but you can try ordering PHD foods from their website. Small Company and no bad stuff! .. and no, I don't work for them or get any kick back from this. We feed their food to our dogs.

wally said...

Holy sh#*! I hate those stores like that and we won't shop in 'em either. I hope that poor puggy gets some medical help and I hope you guys get your food! Samantha, if you get hungry you can always visit my house!


Lorenza said...

Bravo for your mom. So sad for your food but your lovely mom will find another place to buy it. She loves all you a lot.
Besos from Mexico.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Your Mom's one COOL lady. She stood up for those poor the expense of your food but it's all worth it.
Keep us posted if the authorities did anything to the store alright?