Monday, April 16, 2007

Thrawn Update #659034843-2

(Thanks Dory & Liza for the link to make a cover!)

Maryann here. After making me sure that the end was near yesterday he seems to be much better on his feet today. He's still pacing and becomes REALLY obsessive about things. For example, going through the legs of the TV trays, having to go around a chair a certain direction, etc. If I block him or try to redirect he just will keep trying to do it again. (for HOURS if need be) I've been home a few hours now and he has been moving ever since, inside, outside and all around the house. He has gotten "stuck" in corners a few times but seems to be more alert than Sunday. He didn't really respond to his name yesterday but will today to an extent.

Right now he's obsessed with knocking down any gates that are up in the house, even in rooms he normally has nothing to do with. Even though his back legs are super weak he'll force himself on them to push against the gate to make it fall. Over and over and over and over. Yesterday it was circling the recliner so everything was removed from around it so he had a safe path, now he could care less about it. He's interested in food and treats for sure, is drinking his water and is ready to try anything that remotely smells good. (including my hands and my cell phone that I barely rescued)

To be honest, he's really become like a toddler that has to be constantly monitored. I can put gates up through most of the house but then he becomes obsessed with knocking them down and getting through them. I don't mind at all of course, but it's exhausting mentally with the worry heaped on top of it. Plus he's just wearing his poor legs out. I really hope that Dr. Bill has some ideas to help. I'm sprouting more gray hair daily worrying if it will be a good day or a bad one for him, and being sick to my stomach everytime I leave as to how he'll be when I get home. I know I sound loony on here freaking out one day then he's more normal the next.

Like now - he just got caught in the corner and if I let him be he would knock over everything trying to turn around in there or would just stand there facing the wall until I moved him. (not backing up at all) Instead I asked him if he wanted a treat and he backed right up and headed for the treat counter. ????????????????

I'm trying to video his habits around here to show Dr Bill (I'm beginning to wonder if he thinks I'm mental since we go there and he acts somewhat normal) and I'll post on here too.
Thanks again for the support and advice. -M

PS - A few folks have asked what Thrawn is taking...his regulars are Phenobarbital (400 mg daily), Potassium Bromide, Gabapentin and Previcox plus his supplements. None of these are new to him recently. :)


Billy said...

Poor Thrawn, it's not easy for you at all:) My prayers and thoughts are with you through all this.

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

gerri said...

I wish you and your crew the best, and will keep checking to see how
you'all are doing. I worry about you'all, even though we've never met. We'll keep you'all in our
thoughts and prayers.

Gerri, Maya (the husky pup) and
Missy (the husky/shepherd)

Ferndoggle said...

What a roller coaster! The fact that he's eating & drinking a lot is a good sign, I would think.

We'll just keep on sending those good thoughts to Texas.

Ferndoggle & The Dogs

Dachsies Rule said...

We hope all of the updates show continued improvement. Thrawn is having a little tough right now but he is in a safe place.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Lisa said...

Why am I not suprised that the word "treat" got a good reaction? LOL Hang in there, Thrawn and Maryann.

Holly said...

Poor Thrawn! My Shula use to pace quite a bit. She never seemed to want to lay down. Made me more nervous, and wore me out more watching her, than it did her I think.

Have you thought of trying Rescue Remedy to see if that will calm her a bit? I have used it on Holly and Samuel dueing July 4th fireworks. It does seem to help a bit with anxiety.

It's so hard when they are old. You just have to keep doing what you can until they tell you it's time. That's what Shula did, and she was 16.

Prayers your way for Thrawn!!


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Maryann,
Oh noo.. poor poor Thrawn.. You must be worried sick. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Well if he is still responding to treats, I think that it is a very positive sign!

Tasha & Eva said...

Our pack is praying for Thrawn. We hope there is improvement for him. Sorry we haven't been sniffin' around for a while. Humans say they are very busy. How nice of you to take Bear in. He seems like a very good boy. He couldn't have hoped for a better home. Sorry to hear about the damage to your house. Hope all that can be taken care of easily. Best wishes and Belly Rubs for All, Tasha & Eva.

IndyPindy said...

Oh, poor Thrawn. That would break my heart. Hopefully the vet or someone on the gimpydogs list will be able to suggest something!

wally said...

Hey--I wish we had some idea how to help. Poor Thrawn and family. We hope you get some good news soon.


ps. I would like to second Holly's rescue remedy idea. It didn't work for me when I got REALLY riled up but does seem to help little.

Balboa said...

You're in our thoughts Thrawn. I'm sending you lots of hugs and kisses.


Peanut said...

My mom said she would be stressed out also and you don't sound loony at all. We will be thinking of you and Thrawn and the rest of the gang.

Tadpole said...

Maryann, you little sweetheart - you don't sound loony at all. The constant stress and worry takes a toll on you mentally. Praying for better news each day.

Ruby Bleu said...

Hang in there...I'm sending lots of Ruby kisses good thoughts to everyone in the pack.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh sweet Thrawn.. I am still praying for you handsome! I think your mom said Dr. Bill is back tomorrow or Thursday, so hopefully you will know something soon. Let your mom video you, ok???
Hugs, Sitka

Holly said...

I forgot to mention what a beautiful picture that is!!