Sunday, April 1, 2007

Just wanted to share. (from Maryann)

Everyone has been so supportive about Dakota so I just wanted to share these pictures. Toothacres provided the cremation services and we ordered this custom urn through them. I'm very happy with their service and the embroidered velvet bag was a comforting surprise.

His swimming picture is an absolute favorite because he was so, so happy and we picked the wood finish because it so closely matched his color. I found the brass Angel Dog this reminded me of him. I guess this is weird I'm writing all this but this blog really has been great therapy for me through losing him. Maybe it will help someone else going through this, I don't know. Thank you again... -M


Stoodleville mom said...

I stil miss my most recent loss acutely. And its been four years. Sharing helps. So does remembering. As does remembering to breath.

How is Thrawn?

IndyPindy said...

That is just beautiful. I love the photo! And the winged dog is perfect.

I'm so glad that this blog and blogging friends have brought you comfort!

Dachsies Rule said...

We are glad we've been able to help you a little too. Nothing will take away the pain of the loss because then you would have forgotten Dakota. Even though we are young and healthy, Mom dreads the day one of us will no longer be with her. Seeing the support shown to you and others, makes her know she will be okay.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Lady Kaos said...

That's perfect! I'm glad you found all of those things for Dakota's memorial. I'm glad all of us could help you, too. It's nice knowing there are other's out there that understand that us dogs (and even cats) are a very special member to our families and it hurts a lot to loose one of us.

Holly said...

That is so beautiful!

It is good that he is home again to be with you always! That is very important (for both of you)


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

This is beautiful! He will always be watching over all of you!
Hugs, Sitka

Siobhan said...

Some vets offer amazing cremation service. Our labrador who died last August was cremated by the company that's associated to our vet and she got a beautiful, ornate urn that came in a bag with her name, birthdate and deathdate on it. Despite the tragedy of losing our beautiful 11-year-old girl, I had to laugh. When my grandfather died and was cremated, he came back in a cardboard box. I must say that I appreciated the vet's treatment of our dog more.