Thursday, March 1, 2007

What the %$)*#)

It's Thrawn. I'm mad, upset, angry, you name it! First she brings home that horrible fur sucking Dyson machine and now this! I can barely write about it.

Mommy Dearest came home with this go-cart with a roof. I don't know WHAT she's thinking but HOW is a macho Husky like me going to fit in that little box? Not only that, but am I going to :::gasp::: look girly in it???

I hear her saying the back seats lay flat and I'll fit just fine but I don't see it happening. I'll be like a Husky in a tuna can. My face will probably be smooshed against the back window and my butt against the windshield!!

I'm not the only one upset - Dakota, Tucker and Dot are wondering WHY they make a go-cart like that without windows that open in the back. How are they going to hang their head out the windows? It's like we'll be locked in a glass box on wheels. The only one who is happy is Samantha and that's because she's a low rider herself so the go-cart fits her perfectly. She'll finally be able to see out the windows.

It's a good thing there's still a real car around for us or we might have to plan an attack on this wanna-be.

Disgruntled - Thrawn & Everyone Else


Fu Fu said...

Hello Thrawn , Have all of you tried to go into the car all at once?

~ fufu

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Woo Woo Thrawn...

First off - Fu Fu - what a GREAT question!

Thrawn - if you follow through with Fu Fu's question, be sure to have your mom take a picture.

Second - what a great post overall! I can not believe your mom came home with such a small car. My mom has a Jeep Cherokee, so plenty of room for one siberian to stretch her legs!!! Perhaps you should stage a coup and get rid of that tin can box??


Althea said...

Your mom has got to be kidding. No self respecting husky could ride around in that thing. You need a SUV (Siberian Utility Vehicle) like we have.

Billy said...

Mom wants ONE of those!! I don't know how are you all going to fit in there at once! Should be tricky to say the least...I will add you to my site, mom has to do some of this at work since our computer gave up on us last night...we need a new computer but mom my just go out and buy a new car now!!!

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

Tadpole said...

Hmmm... yes, that's not particularly masculine. It's almost like Massah dressing me in pink. It could be Samantha's personal car...?

Ferndoggle said...

And we thought it was bad smooshing into Mom's Honda Civic!!! We always have the option of smooshing into Dad's Dodge Dakota truck (NOT!). I think the humans are trying to tell us something.

Cute ride though. Our Mom is jealous of your Mom!

The Dogs of Jackman Ave

"Virtual Twins" said...
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Nanook The Newfoundland said...

Oh NO! And I thought my mama's Honda Pilot was small! (it is...for me...)

Thrawn, stage a coup!

Jasper said...

Now that is an interesting looking vehicle. Personally, I would fit just fine in there....but, it is not my, I would say that you need a Hummer to ride around in!! My Momma has a Jeep Liberty and it is just right for us. :)

Dakota said...

Oh my! I thought Big Red was small. Big Red is The Mom's Kia Rio. Yes, the back seat folds too. But really, I can't get close enough to the radio to change the station from that crappy classic rock she listens to! Really, Thrawn, you and I need Siberian Utility Vehicles.

Lisa said...

You should try riding in a car in a cage. It sucks.

Dachsies Rule said...

Poor Thrawn. Your masculinity is really being challenged. Take heart on one point though. The only thing all of you could fit into is a huge gas guzzling thing and all that gas would cost serious dog bicsuits. Try to think of dog biscuits when you are forced to ride it that thing.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

"Virtual Twins" said...

My mom told your mom that she needs a room Odyssey like ours for everyone to fit in!! My mom bought the van just for us because I don't fit in just any vehicle, ya know. But......if I was able to fit in that car, mom would have it in a heartbeat!

Love, Kai

Dory and Liza said...

Oh it's such a cute car. I wouldn't fit in it either but give your mom a break!

We ahope you don't mind we added you to our don't miss dog blog list!

Wet nose smooches - Dory

Wimsey said...

I don't know, it doesn't seem that bad. You sit up front while your Mom chauffers you around, like the king you are and the others get the back.

Much drool,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

My parents got a new car on Saturday. I will have to post a picture of it on my blog. It's a Civic, so I think your car is bigger. At least it is a Civic Si. I think the Si stands for Si-berian.