Tuesday, March 27, 2007

She's taking over our blog.

It's Sam. I was supposed to be at Dr. Bill's this morning but Dot woke up with an ear infection. There's some green stuff oozing out and she can't hold her head straight. In other words, she got to go instead of me. I'm pretty stressed, I was still looking out the window an hour after Dot left. She NEVER leaves me, EVER.

Mom gave me something to post for her in case anyone knows anything that could help.

Thrawn continued to pace relentlessly last night and drank a TON of water, until his stomach was hard and round. We called Dr. Bill at about 11 because the more he walked the worse his legs got, he kept falling over and couldn't get up. Nothing I did would get him to lie down and relax. He had us give him two of his Valiums and eventually he passed out.

This morning when I went to let him out and do meds he couldn't get up. He went into a "frog" position with his back legs and started crying. The floors are hard/slick and he couldn't get the traction to push himself back up. We lifted him onto his feet and got him stable, then he was able to go out to the bathroom alone. After coming in he continued with the pacing, through the house, into each room, all around then back to the kitchen. His back legs were a bit better this morning, but he really has no strength in them and he's so clumsy, they'll cross when he's walking and he's knuckling his back paws on the ground. I don' t know what to do if he loses the ability to walk. I'm looking at the wheelchair situation, but then when he's not in it he'll be stuck wherever he is. He's alert and appears happy attitude wise which makes this even worse IMO. I'm sorry to "take over" as Sam put it, but other dog people seem to be my best resource for first hand information. Thanks again - M

OK, Sam again. I'll post what happens today when I hear something. In the meantime I'm hanging out with Doodle who looks like he might be having an anxiety attack. Maybe one day soon our house will return to normal? I'm really starting to wonder.

Hound Love - Samantha

Update - They just finished with Dot, had to put her under to get her ear canal cleaned out and she'll be on steroids & pain meds until it clears up. :(

Thrawn is going back to the Neurologist next week and see what options they have. In the meantime Dr. Bill thinks the kitchen area where he stays needs to be carpeted so he has an easier time getting up and down. Soooo I guess there will be some lovely temporary outdoor carpeting in the kitchen. Working out a plan to ramp the few steps in the house and the few problem areas in the backyard so if we get a wheelchair he can get around.


Tadpole said...

Oh Sam, I'm so sorry your family is going through so many problems! I don't have any advice/widsome to share, but I'm thinking of you all.

MaPaw said...

I do not have experience with epilepsy, but I am sending warm thoughts for you and your family. Have you looked at the Gimpy Dogs website? They might have information and/or resources for you.

Lisa said...

Geez, when it rains it pours and you guys are having a flood. We'll keep you in our prayers and with all paws crossed.

Lisa, Leo, Maggie, Sammy, Scully & Cocoa

Duke & Gidget said...

Boy, it sure sounds like you guys are going through a lot harder times than you deserve lately. Please know that we will keep you in our thoughts during these trying times, and we are pulling for you guys. We sure hope your house gets back to normal soon.

wally said...

I'm letting my mum use my blogger account:

Gimpy dogs is a good site as is this one on canine epilepsy: http://www.canine-epilepsy-guardian-angels.com/

I had a dog with epilepsy who was on pheno and had similar symptoms when his dosage was too high. Is there any chance he had too high of a dosage? An extra pill? Or, I wonder if grief can aggravate a dog's neurological problems? I know stress and anxiety causes us grief physically, maybe it is happening to Thrawn, too? (As you said, dogs suffer loss, too!)

In addition to the neurologist you might want to have them check his back, sometimes back injuries can cause symptoms that look neurological. A slipped disk or pinched nerve in the back can cause a lot of pain and can sometimes be related to the pacing, drinking, and urinary problems.

We all hope you uncover the problem!

wally & his ma ape.

wally said...

Oh! I just read your post about Cushing's Disease! Shoot! I'm probably totally off-base on my last comment so feel free to ignore and/or delete. On another note, he may be wandering from pain (I do that when I have bad gas--it terrifies my ma that I have bloat)! But I also did something similar when separated from my sister Morgan (RIP) and I literally made myself sick. But when Morgan died two years ago I would look for her (and I always go right to the spot where she died at the vet's office as soon as we get there) but I didn't go through the same separation anxiety I had before.

I really feel for poor Thrawn and your whole family.


Tasha & Eva said...

Our pack can't really help with any technical advice for what your pack is going through, but know that we're all pulling for better times ahead. Maryann, you are one incredable doggie momma!! Keep up the good work. Tasha & Eva's Pack

maggie said...

ok that sucks, when it looks like sumpin is about to get better, it just gets worst. you guys will make it through this hard time , who knows maby it will maby evan make you guys stronger .........
lots of luv , maggie #2

Luckie the Dachie said...

I wish I could help....will send all my postive thoughts and vibes to all of you.