Sunday, March 4, 2007

Our Movie Debut

This is Dakota and I'm here to introduce our first movie to you. To give you a bit of background, we like to express ourselves in song after the people leave us at home. We think they've heard a snippet or two of this in the distance but we're pretty careful never to do it when they'll have the full opera.

Last night we thought everyone left, but Mom had stayed behind but we didn't realize it. I find it quite disturbing that she would violate us and make proceeds off of our talent, but this celebrity business is brutal. You never know when someone will be snapping your picture in an unflattering or questionable pose. So - without further ado I present to you our movie. (The one thing that does make me feel better is the house is a wreck so the last laugh is on her)

Adios - The Brat Pack


Dachsies Rule said...

Hey you guys, don't exert yourself by moving around too much. What's wrong with your mom's housekeeping. We thought that was how a house was supposed to look. (Mom? Hey Mom? What are they talking about?)

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Fu Fu said...

Hey, you guys sure can sing very loudly. hee. it's such a cute musical

~ fufu

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

I love it! thrawn has a very nice singing voice. I am not a vocal dog, although I do sneeze-bark out the windows sometimes late at night when I see something move.

Wimsey said...

What wonderful singing! I too love to raise my voice in song. It must be lovely to have so many to sing with.


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Thrawn - I LOVED IT! I perked up my ears and started rotating them to figure out where the sound was coming from. Then, I got smart and looked at the PC screen! I found ya! Love the singing...
Hugs, Sitka

Tadpole said...

Oh you guys, that was AWESOME! I do that too, when I'm left home alone. I got kicked out of an apartment once because my singing was so loud.... I don't understand why humans get so worked up - those "singing" noises they make in the shower are pretty weird too!

Lisa said...

What joyful noise!

(Cats are soooooooo much quieter - LOL)

Dory and Liza said...

WOW! Nice movie debut. I jumped off my bed and stuck my nose on Mom's laptop screen when I heard Thrawn!!!

Dakota, if you and Tucker are ever near here I made my dad promise to take us all for a boat ride!!! Honest.

Have a good week!


Ferndoggle said...

Oh my goodness...that's so sad we almost cried. Poor Thrawn!! We believe someone was behind the couch pulling his tail b/c the sounds he made were awful!! Call the ASPCA! Mean Mommy!

Sherman & Penny & Lola
(who also make pathetic sounds when Mommy leaves...though will never admit it)

wally said...

Wow! That's some sweet singing. I love to howl, too. I just taught my sis to sing.


ps. please tell tucker that ethel is too young to date. unless he's willing to do a trade for samantha--she's more my speed, legs-wise!

Suki said...

Are you guys taking lessons or something? You were all barking/whining in unison and it sounded GREAT! Nice job. And your mommy shouldn't feel bad: it's hard to maintain a house and dogs at the same time :)
Puggy kisses xoxo

Jasper said...

My Momma jumped when this video started because she had the volume up too was so funny....and I looked at her monitor and turned my head from side to side trying to figure out all those dog words!

Jeannie & Jewel said...

fantastic chorus! sounded like there were 10 doggies *LOL*... we like singing too, but mommy always stops us before the neighbour does. hehehe! :)