Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I have a big heart.


This is Dakota, I thought I'd post about my issues before one of the other blabbermouths do it. I'm not one to showboat my personal medical issues *cough cough likethehusky cough cough* but I'd rather do it then have them scoop me.

Right before Christmas last year I started to have a weird cough and was out of breath a lot. I went to Dr. Bill and had all kinds of tests ran, xrays, the whole bit. Come to find out I had a heart murmer and enlarged heart! I've been one some meds since then every morning and night but the cough isn't too much better. SO. I'm going with the Drama King Husky tomorrow to spend the day at the vet's office and a doggie Cardiologist is coming in special to look at my heart with something called an Echocardiogram. I hope it doesn't hurt - not that I'm scared of pain. I'm not. I scoff at pain.

Er, anyway. After that I'm going to be on some new medicine for my heart that will make it shrink a little hopefully. Mom said that the vet makes her wallet shrink too, but I'm not sure what that means. I mean, what else would she be spending the dough on? I'll tell you what, more junk she doesn't need anyways. It's like we are saving her from clutter one vet visit at a time. We should get a reward - like one of those loofah toys I saw one somedogs blog last week.

I have no more secrets - Dakota


Billy said...

haha better spent on all of you instead of more clutter!! i hope things go well for you sweet one:)

please keep us updated.

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

MaPaw said...

Good luck. I hope the vet can help. It is nice of you to help your mom avoid clutter.

Cubby said...

I hope your medicine works!

Suki said...

Yes, loofah dogs ROCK! I have two and they've turned this weird black color in all the places I've been chewing on them.
Then again, all my stuffy toys are like that. Hmmmmm...

I'm sorry about your heart, Dakota :( Get better soon!
Puggy kisses xoxo

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hope your visit to the vet goes well. Keep us posted alright?

Althea said...

Hey Dakota,
My feline brother Spencer has an enlarged heart. They discovered it over three years ago cause of a heart murmer. He takes medicine twice a day to keep him healthy. He goes to the vet every year for an Echocardiogram. I asked him about it and he says it doen't hurt but they may have to shave a spot on your chest. Don't worry, you'll do fine.

Tadpole said...

May you keep your big heart figuratively, but decrease your big heart literally. Hope they don't hurt you there! :-)