Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Anyone in DFW looking for a new family member?

A couple went into the shelter looking for a Husky and adopted Samson!!

This sweetheart is at the City of Hurst Animal Services. I wish we could foster him. We thought we'd post in case anyone out there is interested. If there's anyone or a rescue in DFW (or where we could get him to you) that could foster we'll help with costs and helping him find a home. :( We had Mom send email to the rescues offering to sponsor him but everyone has said they're full.

"Samson is a wonderful Siberian Husky. He is completely housebroken, and a real laid back kind of guy."

The Brat Pack


Luckie the Dachie said...

Aww man, Samson looks like a nice Husky. But Mom says we are too far from you to bring Samson home. Darn....
I hope he finds a nice family soon.

Avery said...

Oh if only we could! Mom and Dad would love to be able to help. We are in the DFW area, but we just couldn't take in another dog right now. I'll have Mom and Dad spread the word among their human friends and coworkers. I hope you can find someone to take him!


Cubby said...

He looks like fun. I hope someone picks him up!

Fu Fu said...

Aw.. Samson is such a handsome doggie. I hope he gets a good forever home soon

~ fufu

Tadpole said...

Doggies without homes make me sooooo sad!!! He's gorgeous - I pray he finds a forever home soon.