Monday, February 26, 2007

Why? I don't get it.

Look at me. Look at all this glorious fur. Are you green with envy? I thought so. I admit it, I'm unbelievably handsome.

SO, since I am a hunk of furry love WHY would the biped come home with some purple monster called the Dyson "ANIMAL"?

Why would she spend all that money to buy something that is going to pick up all my fur from the house? It's insanity. How many bones could she have bought us with that dough??? More importantly why would she want to get rid of my fur??? WAIT! I've got it!! She must be saving it all somewhere to make something. Like a chair...or maybe a bunch of pillows for my couch. OR - she's collecting it to sell on Ebay! That's got to be it. What else could it possibly be?!

Full of furry love - Thrawn

P.S. Thanks for all the well wishes, I'm feeling MUCH better so far on these new meds. So good I helped myself to the kitchen trash can yesterday and helped out by knocking a bunch of stuff off the counter today. Good times.


Nanook The Newfoundland said...

My mama has one of those too. When she first tried it out on the carpet, she did a small area, turned it off, stared at the carpet, stared at the tank thingy that collects our gorgeous fur, and then, get this - she sat down and started HUGGING it!!! Those were my hugs she was giving away for free to that thing! Unbelievable.

Also, she says you are welcome to visit - she thinks she would get along very nicely with YOUR mama. Something about a similar sense of humor.

Ferndoggle said...

My Mom wants on of those big purple Fur-Picker-Uppers too!! She got a Bissel Revolution Pet for Xmas, but says once we get new carpet (sometime in the next 10 years), she's trading it in.

Maybe if she gets me 2 more brothers or sisters and we have 5 dogs like you, she'll get one sooner! Yeah, I vote for that!!!

Lola the little White Boxer.

MaPaw said...

Maybe she is collecting your fur for the needy. Some dogs just cannot produce as much fuzz as we Huskies do.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

You are very handsome!!! How is that dyson working out for you? Have you learned how to attack it yet?

I found ya through Husky Bloggers... awesome to meet a new pal!

Hugs, Sitka

Jasper said...

Glad you are doing better!!
My Momma has an Electrolux carpet eater...and it makes me crazy!

Althea said...

oh no, another husky home with the dreaded dyson creature. We have a yellow one at our house. You can read my story about how I tried to attack it it one day.