Monday, February 26, 2007

That's a seriously BAD Cuz!!

It's Dot again. Mom went to Petsmart on Saturday morning and brought us home a surprise...a giant CUZ like all you other bloggin' dogs have! She was so excited, we were all on the front porch when she took this picture of it and took off the tags...then disaster struck. I know she's not an engineer or anything like that, but you'd think she would have realized that with those feet the Cuz would bounce funny. Sigh.

Long story short, she threw it to the ground and that horrible Cuz shot back up and almost took my front teeth out. It shouldn't be called BAD Cuz, it should be Satan Cuz because it's EVIL. It has to leave and leave SOON. Everytime I see it now I have to run the other way because you never know when it's going to attack me again. VERY scary and a lot of undue stress on poor me.

Since Mom won't throw anything away and I'm not allowed to dig to hide it, I'm wanting to send this scary THING to another blogging dog out there that's not afraid of it. It has a few scuffs when it hit the concrete to launch itself missle-like at me but after that there was NO way I was touching it or letting anyone else near it. You might have to sign a waiver that I'm not responsible for dental work because that thing can't be trusted! I'll send Mom in here to give you the "fine print" below.

Thanks to Suki for pointing out the size issue! This is the large one, I think it's about 5" tall - I'll have Mom measure when she gets home.

Bruised - Dottie

*Maryann here, the Brat Pack's Mom. :) You can email the Pack at
fivehappyhounds @ gmail . com
through Friday, March 2nd and if there's more than one entry then Dot will do the honors of drawing a name to send her arch nemesis Cuz to. Be sure to send them your blog address too! Thanks!


Suki said...

Hey Dot! Sorry you had such a scary experience with that thing. I've never seen one before! I would enter your contest, but I might be too small to play with it. How big is it? Hope your teeth are all still there!
Puggy kisses xoxo

wally said...

hi guys! nice to meet you. that cuz is scary lookin'--that's why i stick to stuffies. i'm missing enough teeth as it is!


Schniblet said...

I have a cuz that looks like a cat! I love it cuz (heehee) I can squeek it silly & bug my mum when she's trying to pay attention to something besides me! I'm not sure about your GIANT cuz though! I used ot be afraid if beach balls & ballons until I learned to attack them! Don't be scared of that stupid ol' cuz! Remember, you have BIG canines!

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

Well - I'm sure it's not too big for ME...but my mama says I'm not allowed to have any more toys or there won't be any room left in the house to walk. Hah! If I were Thrawn I bet I'd have something to say about that!

If you can't find anyone to take it maybe it could be donated to a shelter? Shelter puppies always like new toys!

Lisa said...

Oh I am so sorry, but I busted out laughing. I hope that bad thing didn't hurt too much!

Cubby said...

We have lots of Bad Cuzzes. Dakota immediately chews the feet off, making them safe. She can chew the feet off of your if you want and send it back to you.