Friday, February 2, 2007

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Hi there

Dakota here, I'm the spokesdog for this welcome post. If it sounds like it's scatterbrained it's because the others are all barking things at me to write. (and speed typing is not all that easy with these paws) All five of us want to welcome you to our new dog-blog and hope you'll visit often. We live in the White House in Texas. OK, so it's not THE White House but it IS white and it IS on a hill so it counts. We like to believe we're modern day royalty anyway so this works out great for us.

So why are we starting a blog? Our pals over in Albuquerque, The Zoo Crew (link coming soon), told us about some other cool dogs on the web. Mom has one that she's always writing about us on so we thought we'd give it a go. This way we can cover issues important to us and also give you a different perspective on our lives. Fun, huh? I thought so. Everyone is going to take a post or so to introduce ourselves and tell you the story of how we all became one happy pack.

(Uuuh, I really don't like this picture since I'm naked in it. The humans thought it would be good to shave me last Summer and I am JUST mortified. -D)

Anyway, we hope you come back to visit and if there are any other dog-blogs (or cat-blogs or bunny-blogs or whatever - no discrimination here) send us your links so we can add you to our Pals list.

Peace, Love and Bones - The Brat Pack


Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Guys,
We just checked out your blog through DWB and stopped by to say hi. Your humans seems so kind. Sounds like you have all found a good home. We like the group pic.
Jazz and Dixie

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

Nice blog! Came through a Wordless Wednesday post.
Great pic of all the dogs :)