Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Some reading material...

Hi Everyone, it's Sam. I'm wasting some time on the internet till my folks get home in a little while. I thought some of you sports fans might like this article from USA Today. It tells the story of some people in the sports world who have rescued animals.

My favorite because he has five dogs too and he's supposed to be such a tough guy:

Oscar De La Hoya, champion boxer: De La Hoya and his wife, singer Millie Corretjer, owners of five dogs, were smitten by a malnourished mixed breed that they named Penny Lane at a pound near their home in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her favorite treat? "Anything!" De La Hoya says. "This dog loves absolutely everything."

I also found an article about a really cool book about shelter dogs...

I'm going to leave this link open on the computer so maybe Mom will order it.

Anyway, that's all that's going on around here today. We have a pool going about who the unlucky dog is that's getting a bath tonight. Odds are running 4 to 1 it's the Husky.

This surfing thing is exhausting, going to take a nap - Sam

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