Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Dakota here. I wanted to post today about a place I read an article about today. Here's the article:


Using my internet prowess I then found their website which is here:


They're far away from here, but I think it's a really cool thing these folks are doing. Now that I'm getting up there in age I think about other Senior dogs like myself. I can't imagine being without my home, I just can't. I guess a lot of people don't want to adopt an old dog because the "end" could be near but I really think more people should. It would be so sad and scary to be alone. I think we're going to save up our loot and sponsor one of the "Final Refuge Dogs" on there.

Check it out.

Sloppy Kisses - Dakota


Ferndoggle said...

Dakota - I couldn't agree more. We have people give up their senior dogs all the time and it breaks my heart! We had a family just turn in two 10 year old Boxers b/c they were moving & couldn't take them along. So, so sad.

A senior dog refuge sounds like a great idea!


The Zoo Crew said...

Hey Dakota.....Thanks for making my mom cry!!


Shakespeare said...

Awww... It always breaks my heart to hear that people can just give up their older dogs. Ugh! Good thing there are people like these to help them out. Bless.