Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our peeps did some work finally!

Tucker-Doodle-Bug here. We are so excited that the humans decided to work today and do some stuff to our yard! We hung out in the front for a long time and supervised. Here I am doing my job while softening my paw pads in the therapeutic dirt:

(I want to go on record that this camera must have added like 20 pounds because I'm WAY more svelte then these other chunkers yet this pic makes me look bloated.)

We even got to dig and didn't get yelled at! We never dig, but after they softened up all this dirt it was too tempting. Here is Dakota digging and throwing the dirt on Sam. She didn't seem to mind.

Mom bought a new bird trap, er, I mean feeder for the front too. We helped her fill it up and taste tested the Sunflower chips that went in it. Yum, we approve!

So far we're not a big fan of that pokey rough rock they put in there. Poor Sam had to lie on the concrete! Can you believe it? Surely they're planning on putting us some chaises out there so we have somewhere to lounge.

Thrawn hung out with us a little outside, but he's feeling a little under the weather so he mostly slept inside. He likes leaning against these cushy paper towels, he's a dork.

Going to take a nap! - Tucker


The Zoo Crew said...

I would've been digging all the way to China in that soft dirt!!!!


Nanook The Newfoundland said...

You guys have been so busy! I can't believe how much I've missed...but I'm home now and catching up. Licks, Nanook