Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another wild Saturday night

Hello from Texas!

Dakota here, I've been adding some links to the blog so check them out. We're not doing much tonight, just hanging out and wondering why our social lives don't match those of some of these other blogging dogs. We really need to talk to our peeps about this and get them motivated. Today was pretty nice so hopefully we'll be doing more outside soon. We were hoping our front porch would be done but it's been freezing cold all week. The one good thing about that is the plants moved into the bathtub which means we haven't been made to bathe this week. We heard Mom ordered a statue for our rock garden on the porch and it looks like this: (I really hope this isn't a statue of any of us)

Since it was nice out today there were a bunch of squirrels and birds out in the back, it was a good time. We helped feed them the other day by sampling the bird food Mom was filling up the feeders with. That's some pretty good stuff. We try to be sneaky so she doesn't know, but those seeds stick all over our lips and give us away. We were REALLY excited when the corn came out for the squirrel feeders - lure those suckers RIGHT into the yard for us. Ha ha...

Mom has been pretty upset about Thrawn today. He had a really hard time getting up this morning and was hunched over a lot. He didn't want to raise his head up much either. We hear he's getting some fancy-schmancy bed for the kitchen so the King isn't lying on the floor. He's had lots of soft pillow beds but he's too good for those. Now he's getting some bed from HERE. I hope she's buying lots for all over the house. The humans don't need that much extra space anyway, they should clean some of this clutter out and give us more room. Anyway, Thrawn seemed to be better tonight so hopefully he's ok. He was yipping like a girly dog earlier and even chewed a bone a little so I think he's better. I'm sure he'll be visiting Dr. Bill this week, I have to go too for my arthritis shot.

Oh - when Mom was surfing the doggie epilepsy sites earlier for the Husky she found this recipe she's going to make for us. We're VERY excited - we really love baked goods!!!! Turkey & Oatmeal Muffins!

I'm pretty beat so I'm hitting the sack. I like to get in there before the people so I can stake my claim to most of the pillows. The rest of the gang says hi and they'll be blogging more soon!

Sweet doggie dreams - Dakota

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Luckie the Dachie said...

Hello! :)

Thank you for stopping over at my blog. All of you looked like u had fun!! I never get such WILD saturday nights here...