Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's us...remember us?

First, our Mom stinks and we have a bajillion things to tell you that we haven't told you yet because...she stinks!!  We're SO behind.  We want to have a good scrapbook of the last couple months of our lives so we're going to make some posts that are almost aaaaaall pictures so get ready.  After we're caught up we're gonna blog normal because we have TONS of stuff to tell everyone!

Second...we have NEWS.

-Conrad, Otis & Rulon-Mooch


Gus said...

good luck y'all. We have a similar problem.

gussie n teka

kissa-bull said...

we cant wait to hear all the most exciting stuff and see lots of pictures...we'll be holding our toots til then bol!

pibble sugars
the pittie pack

How Sam Sees It said...

Welcome back!


Jans Funny Farm said...

Good to see a post from you again. Sounds like something exciting happened. Can't wait to hear about it.
Oh, no, word verification! You can't see it on your own blog but please check it out. It has been changed and the non-word is unintelligible and the audio is crap. Please consider taking it off so readers can comment in less than half a dozen attempts. The blogger spam filter is very good.

Sweepy said...

Welcome back!
Can't wait to hear your news!

roughseasinthemed said...

What Jan says about word verification :(

Anyway, of course we remember you. I remember our blog too, but I think I lost it, so if you have posted I haven't seen it.

Pippa wants to know if anyone remembers him :D Or even that he has changed blogs !!

Mo said...

Seems many of our two-footed friends have taken big breaks lately...but, we certainly remember you (hopin' you remember us!)...Glad your back, lookin' forward to the pics...hope the news is good!

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