Friday, October 12, 2007

Woe is us.

She doesn't think we saw it, but the suitcase is out and OPEN in one of our "restricted" areas. Poor, poor us. We're being left, discarded, abandoned even. What's a hound dog to do?!!?
PS You felt sorry for me, didn't ya?!? OK, I admit it, I'm not really all that sad. It's only for 3 nights starting tomorrow and our slave Jim is staying with us. We've made him feel super guilty for even leaving us alone to go to the store so he's totally trained in time for this little weekend getaway of hers. Bwwaaahahahaha!!! All I can say is she better bring us something fun back OR ELSE. She's working on the bestseller "How to take care of five high maintenance, demanding dogs in 197 steps" to leave for him. (I don't like that name at all)
In case you were wondering it's no shocker to learn they're headed back to Disney World for the Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom and the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. Is it worth leaving us sweet, loving children for? NO! They do it it anyway, though. I forgot to post this pic from the last time they abandoned us - Dot and I are FAMOUS! That's right...they made replicas of us out of Legos at Downtown Disney. We're still waiting for our residual checks. I think maybe Dot waived hers so they'd make her look skinnier than in real life.

Hound smooches - Samantha

PS It's M...I'm testing a new theory this trip. Thrawn typically starts to have seizures the last few days of a 7-10 day long vacation. I'm hoping by only going 3 nights he'll not get into that phase so I guess we'll see. Cross your fingers they don't form a coup and overthrow Jim, they totally run him. ;)


Poppy said...

(Oops, left my comment in the wrong post. Let's try that again...) Mommy has gotten our "instructions" down to less than two pages each! Are you impressed??


Sophie Brador said...

Those lego pups are really cool. I wonder if I would need to bark at them.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the lego is cool!! Sam, it is so good all of you have trained Jim so well! I am sure your mom will have a nice trip and you 5 will be in great health!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I can't believe you have Lego statues of yourselves at Disney World!! That is so cool. Please send me your pawtograph!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Sam.
I hope your mom has a great trip! I am sure you will be ok with Jim. Please behave... you don't want to scare him, right?
Have a good night

Gus said...

Wow! Love the replica of Sam and Dot! Do they have the rest of you too? Could they make a wirey fellow?

Have a good time with your human slave.


Kirby said...

Oh boy, you've got fresh meat to mess around with! I know you'll miss your mom, but make the time pass quickly by messing around with Jim. I always find that makes the time till my parents return go so much faster.

Your pal,

Khady Lynn said...

Those lego things are cool!

I hope you mom has fun, and that Thrawn does not have any seizures! I think he needs extra treats to feel better.


wally said...

Yo Sam! Work the sad eyes with your servant. Get loads of stuff. Also tell him your mom lets you come and visit me whenever you want.


Luckie Girl said...

Those lego pups look great. How long did you have to sit to be legolized? hehe..
I hope your Mom enjoys her trip and gets lotsa goodies for ALL of you.

Kapp pack said...

All of you need to take action and totally take advantage of your new slave Jim, don't cooperate with him until you get lots and lots of treats!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh.. I hope M comes back to you doggies soon.
Those legos doggies really look like you and Dot. hee

Hope Thrawn will be ok during this period.

~ Girl girl

Sir Chance-Lot said...

Today is Bloggers Unite for the Environment! I can't wait to see everyotherdog's post and contributions

Ferndoggle said...

I hope your Mom has a super good time & Thrawn doesn't have any seizures.

Oh & Dot is way more beautiful than those stooopid legos!


Emily and Ike said...

How ever will you live with all that Lego fame? The puparrazi will be all over you.

Huskee and Hershey said...

Those lego pups are waaaaaaay too cool!! I hope someone will pay to lego-lise me.. no such luck though

The Daily Echo said...

Oooh...make Jim give you treats for EVERYTHING! One day you could look super mopey as if you're missing Mom so he feels REAL sorry for you and gives you extra treats. This could be good.
P.S. Those Lego dogs look just like you all! Very cool.

Nessa Happens said...

that's crazy! pups, don't stand for your mama leaving again - try sitting on her lap. Mine can't even move when I do that to her.

wally said...

Hey guys! I hope the Thrawn Theory worked out and he didn't have any problemos! I know you had a problem, Sam--bein' smokin' hot!


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